Young man seriously injured due to bee attacks

2 days ago 1

In Hamirpur district, a swarm of bees attacked a young man working on a four lane highway near Powai Mor in Rath area, which severely injured the young man due to attack by bees. Which was picked up by others present on the spot and admitted to Rath CHC where the doctors, after seeing the delicate condition of the injured youth, referred him to the Medical College. His colleague Arvind Kumar, who came with the injured youth, told that his company is constructing a four lane road from Chikasi to Rath. It is said that during the construction of the road today, the company employee of the herd of bees, Musharraf son Bhure, made a sudden attack on the resident Bhuban Islam Nagar Badaun due to which he was seriously injured who was admitted to Rath CHC where the doctors gave him serious Seeing the situation, he was referred to the medical college.

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