You must be the change you wish to see in the world

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The change is in you !!

I never thought I’d get into the physical state I am in until I started believing in myself.

Until I really got tired of my excuses and started trying to do things differently… different exercises … different diets … a different way of thinking.

The road was long and full of sacrifice, thousands of times I doubted myself but something unconsciously kept me going.

Day by day I looked at myself in the mirror with illusion and disappointment.

At the same time, not seeing the progress you wanted.

Do not be discouraged progress is slow .. very slow but as long as you continue on the path and do not abandon your ideals the change will eventually come!

Enjoy the road that’s what it is about.

Don’t push yourself in such a way that it becomes frustrating.

Belief in yourself !!

There is no miracle exercise or diet that will take you to your goal if you do not start by believing in yourself.

The difficult thing really lies in starting and having the determination not to abandon what you are fighting for!

Stay firm and continue on your way!

(Adrian Reyes)

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