Woman accuses in-laws of assaulting and expelling her from home

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After the husband abducted a minor girl in the Rath of Hamirpur district, the in-laws now beat her up with her wife and two innocent girls and drove her out of the house. To file the report, the victim has sought action from the regional MLA. Rakesh son Prabhu Dayal Basore, resident of village Bakarai, Thane Mazhagawan, told that he married his daughter Anusuiya about 6 years ago with Mahesh son Pyarelal Basore, resident of village Jigani of Thana Chikasi. When her daughter was in her in-law’s house, on January 11, her husband Mahesh, a resident of Gohand village, drove away a young woman. When Anasuya came to know about this, she asked her mother-in-law Pan Kunwar, father-in-law Pyarelal and brother-in-law Dinesh to research her husband and bring them home.

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