Why herd immunity is difficult to achieve in India?

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AIIMS director Randeep Guleria said that herd immunity in India is extremely difficult as India has a large population. And, It takes a lot of time to vaccinate each person. That’s the reason achieving herd immunity is not an easy task for India.

People can get infected again

By the way, herd immunity is very difficult to achieve.

Due to various types of stress and changing immunity over time, it can happen that people can become infected again according to AIIMS officials.

Large number of people have mild infections 

A large number of people had mild infections and we know that mild infections produce fewer antibodies. The body is warning from time to time.

As stated by experts, immunity has been developed in a population segment of at least 50–60% of those found in a sero proliferation survey.

Herd immunity means

Well, herd immunity means that any person or many of them become immune to it after being affected by the virus.

On account of developed in response to it.

People will become a protective layer between the infected person and the affected person so it will help people against the virus.

And people will be protected to transmit the virus.

The Brazilian city of Manaus, which, despite regaining herd immunity in October, is still struggling with another strain of the coronavirus.

The city of Brazil claimed that they had herd immunity with about 70% of the population because of the initial infection.

In the future people may become infected again.

No sero survey has also been conducted in India and this herd is too far to gain immunity.

About 21% of people over 10 years of age and according to the latest CERO survey proved the corona virus’s previous performance in ICMR.

Therefore, it is more important to emphasize vaccination to create stronger immunity among people in India.

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