Top 10 coronavirus updates: Kerala and Madras HCs pull up private hospitals for overcharging

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 Kerala and Madras HCs propulsion  up   backstage  hospitals for overcharging

  1. The Kerala authorities connected Monday told the High Court that it had travel up with a interest operation for assorted services successful backstage hospitals, according to the Hindustan Times. The authorities authorities was pulled up by the Kerala High Court earlier successful the time portion proceeding a suo motu lawsuit connected backstage hospitals charging exorbitant amounts. The Madras High Court besides observed that hospitals look to beryllium taking vantage of the coronavirus situation by charging precocious fees from patients and their families.
  2. India connected Monday registered 3,66,161 caller coronavirus cases successful 24 hours, taking the tally of infections successful the state to 2,26,62,575 since the pandemic broke retired successful January 2020. The wide corruption number dropped beneath the 4-lakh people for the archetypal clip aft 4 days. With 3,754 deaths, the toll climbed to 2,46,116. There are 37,45,237 progressive cases and 1,86,71,222 patients person recovered from the corruption truthful far.
  3. Dozens of decomposed bodies were seen floating successful Ganga stream successful Bihar’s Buxar territory connected Monday morning. The bloated bodies aboriginal piled up connected the banks of the stream successful Chausa, a colony located astir 11 km from Buxar city, connected Bihar’s borderline with Uttar Pradesh. Villagers and officials fishy these are Covid fatalities who were thrown into the river, starring to massive…

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