Ways to motivate yourself to work out

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People know me as “G”, I was given this family nickname at a really young age.

When I was little I use to always call myself a cheetah because I felt like I was running really fast all the time.

I loved being active all the time. I played almost every sport you can name such as baseball, I ran track & field, and played basketball.

So love to bring it to shape it makes me feel better about myself.

Back in 2018, I had a motorcycle wreck so I wasn’t able to do much for a very long period of time, I was sick to my stomach because I was home every day and couldn’t do the things I love.

When I finally got cleared to lift weights, I immediately went back to the gym and started lifting and worked back out to get back in shape.

The gym has become my happy place.

I love inspiring others and motivating people to reach their gym goals or body goals.

(Jarvis Odems)

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