Eastern Florida State College | New Apprenticeship Students Attend Official Signing Ceremony

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New EFSC Apprenticeship Students Attend Official Signing Ceremony

May 10, 2021 – Eastern Florida State College and a squad of manufacture partners welcomed
10 caller students into a specialized apprenticeship programme Monday that is playing an
important relation successful providing country companies with high-tech workers.

The Space Coast Consortium Apprenticeship Program – an manufacture driven effort led
by respective precocious manufacturing companies successful Brevard County – is spearheading the

The archetypal radical of 7 Mechatronics apprentice students entered the programme successful 2019
and completed their enactment successful December 2020, with the caller radical of Advanced Machinist
apprentices opening their studies this period connected EFSC’s Cocoa Campus.

Under the program, students be classes 2 days a week astatine EFSC and enactment three
days a week connected the manufacturing floors of participating companies. The caller group
volition beryllium employed astatine Blue Origin, Knight’s Armament and Diamondback America.

By mixing schoolroom learning with on-the-job training, students postgraduate with a state
Apprenticeship Certificate and EFSC machinist certificate credits that tin number toward
an Associate Degree successful Engineering Technology from the college.

The caller students entered the programme successful a signing ceremonial astatine Airbus OneWeb Satellites
astatine Kennedy Space Center wherever EFSC officials and others called it a cardinal to growing
the Space Coast economy.

“Providing a pipeline of highly skilled employees to section high-tech industries is
a captious portion of our mission, which is wherefore we proceed to put successful caller instrumentality and
tailor acquisition opportunities to conscionable that goal,” said Dr. Randall Fletcher, EFSC’s
Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs and Chief Learning Officer.

“Also cardinal to our effort is strengthening partnerships with the outstanding organizations
and companies contiguous today. Together, we are making our system and assemblage stronger
and helping to make fantabulous caller jobs.”

“Apprenticeships specified arsenic these are an important alternate pathway that leads to
rewarding careers and allows individuals to further their acquisition done credentials
they tin physique on,” helium said.

Others astatine the lawsuit included State Sen. Tom Wright and leaders from Airbus OneWeb
Satellites, Space Florida, the Consortium and representatives from the participating

Among them was John Blankenship, Director of Manufacturing for Blue Origin Florida,
which is investing $1 cardinal successful a rocket manufacturing installation and field astatine KSC.

The institution is targeting precocious 2022 for the maiden motorboat of its New Glenn rocket,
a heavy-lift conveyance built astatine the spaceport that tin transportation astronauts to the International
Space Station.

“With this program, the authorities of Florida is connected the close way to rebuilding our
manufacturing manufacture and get it backmost connected apical wherever it should be,” said Blankenship.

The programme is modeled connected apprenticeship programs successful Germany wherever they are a fixture
of its economy.

Consul General Andreas Siegel from Germany’s Miami Consulate called the Space Coast
programme an illustration of “fruitful German-America practice that volition fortify the
workforce successful cardinal concern areas which are confronted with increasing international

Along with the Mechatronics and Advanced Machinists apprentices, the Consortium plans
to motorboat different EFSC apprentice programme for Fiber Composite Technicians successful August. 

For much information, funny companies and apprentice candidates tin interaction Consortium
officials Bryan Kamm astatine bkamm@bkammconsulting.com oregon Steve Kane astatine stevekane@spacetec.com.

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