US calls reports of migrant children in buses ‘unacceptable’

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| May 15, 2021 |

Charter buses get astatine the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center successful Dallas, escorted by Federal Protective Service Police. File: AP Photo

Reports of unaccompanied migrant children being forced to enactment overnight successful parked buses astatine the Dallas normal halfway are “completely unacceptable” if true, US Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra said Friday.
Dr. Amy Cohen, a psychiatrist and enforcement manager of the advocacy radical Every Last One, said a 15-year-old Honduran lad she is moving with was held connected a autobus from Saturday to Wednesday, utilizing the autobus bath during that clip and incapable to determination astir freely oregon pass with family. The lad encountered astatine slightest 3 different children who were held arsenic agelong successful the parking batch of the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, said Cohen, who besides has been successful interaction with different kid who was confined earlier to a autobus for an extended period.
It is unclear however galore children were kept connected buses overnight.
“This is wholly unacceptable,” Becerra said. “We’re rapidly investigating this to get to the bottommost of what happened, and we’ll enactment to marque definite this ne'er happens again. The information and well-being of the children is our priority.”
The Honduran boy’s experience, archetypal reported by NBC News, comes arsenic Health and Human Services massively expands its capableness to location migrant children until they tin beryllium placed with a sponsor successful the United States, usually parents oregon adjacent relatives, portion their cases upwind done migration court. It comes successful effect to the largest influx of unaccompanied children connected record.
The department, whose lodging is much suited to longer-term stays than Border Patrol holding facilities, has grown its capableness to astir 20,000 beds from little than 1,000 successful mid-February. It’s opened 14 exigency intake centers, including astatine the Dallas normal halfway and different ample venues. The Dallas installation opened successful February with plans to location up to 3,000 children.
Health and Human Services had 20,397 unaccompanied children successful its custody arsenic of Wednesday.
The authorities flew the Honduran lad to Seattle to reunite with his parent and uncle aft NBC News inquired astir his status.
MVM Inc., a proscription contractor for the government, said it has “safely and professionally” transported migrant children and families for much than six years.
“Over the past 7 weeks, the fig of children needing escorts successful this pandemic situation has accrued to much than 7,100, creating challenging question logistics and resulting successful immoderate extended hold times connected their mode to reunification sites,” the institution said successful a statement.
MVM said it experienced immoderate delays astatine a 24-hour determination hub wherever buses conscionable to get children connected their mode to articulation family, which resulted successful “a kid staying astatine that tract longer than our people hold clip of 4 hours. This is simply a usurpation of our argumentation and we are conducting an interior reappraisal of this incident.”
The institution said the kid had entree to an air-conditioned bus, nutrient and snacks, bottled h2o and idiosyncratic protective equipment.


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