5 Unique Ways to Wrap your Saree in 2021

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The wedding season has begun, and with it comes the wild scramble to find the right dresses. But with Covid on the go, women can’t go to simply scour every shop for the right and exclusive style. So, instead of racking your brains and spending time in the online bazaar’s tiniest allies, we recommend that you try something new this time. Create a new outfit out of your already owned saree! Isn’t it intriguing? You can create many different looks and styles with just one saree! It will be unlike anything you’ve tried before, and it will undoubtedly be flattering.

1.Let’s go Mumtaz Style

This season, bring some retro vibes to a friend’s wedding. This would be simple if you recall Mumtaz’s epic saree draping look from the movie, “Ram Aur Shyaam”. The layering of the saree is the key to achieving this look.

2. Mermaid Style

Stretch the lower portion of the pleats in the pattern of draping, resembling a mermaid’s tail. The drape may seem to be time-consuming, but it only necessitates a few extra tucks and pleats.

3. Belt Style

Drape your saree as usual, then apply a belt to cinch your pallu at the waist. If you want to go for a more formal style, you can also use a kamarbhandh. An off-the-shoulder blouse would certainly add some zing to your ensemble.

4. Butterfly Style

This draping style is not only fashionable, but it also slims you down. All you have to do is pleat your pallu extra thinly and pin it to your shoulders.

5. Lehenga Style

Why spend money on a lehenga when you can make one out of your saree? Yes, you read it correctly. The lehenga drape is simple to master because all you have to do is pleat the entire 6-9 yards. Of default, there will be some left over for the pallu.

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