A New Halo Infinite Trailer Is Being Teased

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It looks similar a caller Halo Infinite trailer is dropping precise soon for those itching to spot much Craig the Brute. Halo Infinite's Joseph Staten took to Twitter to stock an update for his week, and it precise overmuch looks similar he's teasing a caller trailer for the ongoing Master Chief tale. 

343 Industries precocious stated that it would person much to stock connected Halo Infinite "soon," and it looks similar "soon" could precise good beryllium this month. Even much truthful with Staten's follow-up tweet, which you tin spot below: 

Care to conjecture what the last number volition be?

— Joseph Staten (@joestaten) May 8, 2021

The "117" is evidently a notation to John 117, besides known arsenic Master Chief. Sneaky, sneaky Staten! 

I'm personally excited to spot much gameplay. When the workplace down Halo Infinite first shared gameplay, the reactions to the wrong look were mixed. Some thought it was a lackluster show of the "power" of next-gen exertion with the Xbox Series X. In contrast, others were excited that it looked similar an authentic Halo experience. For me, I decidedly fell successful the 2nd camp. While I surely recognize the criticisms, each I got from that gameplay objection was dense Halo Reach vibes, which made maine truthful happy. Every portion of what was shown looked artistically similar Halo and authentic successful its stylization. The uncover had maine excited for the adjacent step, though the assemblage was precise overmuch divided. That being said, the determination to delay came soon aft the criticism, and the squad is hard astatine enactment astatine making Infinite the Halo acquisition fans are craving. To spot the hard enactment 343 has enactment successful pursuing the erstwhile uncover is going to beryllium interesting. 

We don't person an estimated merchandise day astatine this time, though an histrion allegedly tied to Halo Infinite did seemingly confirm that the adjacent measurement for this communicative would beryllium arriving this November.

Thoughts connected what you anticipation to spot from the upcoming trailer? What are you looking guardant to the astir astir the upcoming continuation of Master Chief's story? Sound disconnected with your thoughts successful the remark conception below! You tin besides drawback up connected what other is caller with our dedicated Halo Infinite hub here

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