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The adjacent epic introduction successful the Battlefield franchise has been kept nether wraps for rather a while. Recent installments person focused connected major humanities conflicts similar World War I and II, but it’s anyone’s conjecture arsenic to what EA Dice has successful store for the future. However, the satellite mightiness not person to hold overmuch longer arsenic caller Battlefield info could beryllium dropping overmuch sooner than anyone primitively thought.

Words that rhyme with Soon:


— Battlefield (@Battlefield) May 10, 2021

A tweet from the Official Battlefield Twitter relationship has the gaming assemblage perfectly reeling with excitement. “Words that rhyme with Soon: June Boom,” the station reads, apt hinting astatine a imaginable uncover for the long-awaited adjacent section successful the large-scale FPS series. At immoderate rate, this summertime conscionable got a full batch much exciting!

The caller Battlefield crippled was first announced towards the extremity of past year, with an expected motorboat play acceptable for Holiday 2021. Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson offered immoderate precise affirmative accusation alongside the reveal, “"DICE is creating our adjacent Battlefield crippled with never-before-seen scale. The method advancements of the caller consoles are allowing the squad to present connected a existent next-gen imaginativeness for the franchise. We person hands-on play investigating underway internally, and the team’s been getting precise affirmative feedback connected the crippled arsenic we’ve begun to prosecute our community."

EA’s committedness to Battlefield has ne'er been much evident arsenic Criterion Games, the squad down the Need for Speed series, was tasked with pivoting distant from their classical racing franchise to assistance successful the improvement of the fashionable shooter. Moreover, A New Battlefield Game Was Announced For Mobile, that looks to find the aforesaid occurrence that Call of Duty: Mobile and Fortnite garnered connected the tiny screen.  

Are you looking guardant to immoderate EA Dice plans to denote successful June? Share your excitement successful the comments below.

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