Sana Khan decided to quit Bollywood Industry Why?

Sana Khan Quit Bollywood

Sana Khan Quit Bollywood : After Zaira Wasim, Actress Sana Khan also decided to quit the Bollywood industry. She declared that she is saying goodbye to her showbiz lifestyle to serve humanity and follow a religious path. She also removed her photos and dance videos from her Instagram page.

Sana Khan Quit Bollywood

Sana Khan Quit Bollywood : Who is Sana Khan?

Sana Khan made her Bollywood debut in 2005 with the film ‘Yehi Hai High Society.’ After this, she appeared in films like Bombay to Goa, Dhan Dhana Dhan Gol, Halla Bol, Jai Ho. She has also been the runner-up of Bigg Boss. A few days ago, Sana Khan appeared in the web series Special Ops. Apart from Bollywood films, Sana Khan has also worked in Telugu and Tamil films.

Why Sana Khan finally (Sana Khan Quit Bollywood) decided to quit the film industry?

Sana Khan has recently decided to quit the film industry and has decided to follow the path of religion. After all, she has done this information through her Twitter post. And they have requested everyone not to invite her for any work in the film industry.

She wrote the reason for quit the industry in her post:

“This life is actually to improve life after death. And it will be better in the same condition when humans live according to her producer’s spades and do not make wealth and fame her only purpose. Rather avoid a life of crime and kill humanity.

That is why I proclaim today that from today onwards, I leave my life of ‘showbiz’ (film industry) and try to follow the commands of humanity and the dictates of my creator. “

In her post, Sana Khan further wrote, “I request all my brothers and sisters to pray for me that Allah Ta’ala may accept my taubah. In the same way, according to the dictates of my own Khaliq of Iinda and humanity. Expect to spend your life chanting and give luck to us. “

This post of Sana Khan is making many headlines on social media, and people are commenting furiously on it.

Sana Khan Quit Bollywood

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