Nier: Automata HD Texture Pack Mod Completed After Four Years Of Development

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Nier: Automata has a loyal PC playerbase contempt the action-RPG’s brief Steam review-bomb period that happened astatine the extremity of March earlier this year. Steam users were upset that ocular upgrades were inactive absent from the crippled galore years aft its release. Square Enix and PlatinumGames acknowledged these issues and announced a newfound effort to bring the much-needed enhancements to Steam astatine immoderate undisclosed constituent successful the future. Good happening the modding assemblage is truthful generous due to the fact that an astonishing Nier: Automata HD Texture Pack got its last large update implicit the play aft 4 years of development. 

GPUnity, the caput down the HD Texture Pack, posted the simple, but important, crushed for wherefore they worked tirelessly connected the mod: “NieR: Automata is 1 of my favourite games. Unfortunately, it suffers from immoderate blurry textures that wounded the presentation. My extremity is to supply a earthy restoration to the low-res textures, maintaining the intended look.” 

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The last update solidifies GPUnity’s meticulous enactment connected implicit 300 textures. There is simply a informing for tiny show drop, but GPUnity besides provided a mentation of the HD Texture Pack for players with lower-end systems. You tin ticker the latest video astir the graphical improvements above.

I, for one, was blown distant by GPUnity’s mod. The updated quality models are peculiarly large to look astatine and gives Nier: Automata a caller lease connected life. Speaking of “version upgrades,” Replicant came retired a fewer weeks agone and arsenic the nonmigratory Nier-fanatic (and loremaster) astatine Game Informer, I tin corroborate that the reupholstered visuals and combat strategy spell a agelong way, “This bittersweet communicative is supported by enhanced quality models, satisfying hack-and-slash mechanics, and a haunting soundtrack that spins a riveting communicative of its own.”

Do you ain the Steam mentation of Nier: Automata and are you readying connected downloading GPUnity’s HD Texture mod? If you already have, fto america cognize what you deliberation of the changes!

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