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Summary Main Story: Naga Bhairavi Main Story Still Has To Come Please Hold On with us…

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Current Begin Update: 11th May 2021:(11/05/2021)

Read Naga Bhairavi 11 May 2021 Written Episode update connected Our Official tract Now, Naga Bhairavi 11th May 2021 Written Episode Update Starts with Malli tells I guaranteed you, that is the crushed leaving you this time, however, don’t plan thing to halt this matrimony other I volition termination you connected spot. Veerabhadram concurs. Malli leaves from that place.

Veerabhadram figures Karkotaka can’t travel present arsenic a effect of Malli and helium thinks for approaches to origin Karkotaka to participate their spot to slaughter Arjun.

Karkotaka ranges to Vishwambari place. Vishwambari inquires arsenic to whether his enactment is done. Karkotaka speaks nary and discloses to her however Bhairavi’s horoscope securing Arjun erstwhile they are unneurotic than however Nagamma cautioned him to debar Arjun and Bhairavi to prevention his life, helium demands Vishwambari to springiness him much powers to grip Nagamma.

Vishwambari tells don’t disparage Nagamma powerfulness since she is unthinkable and adjacent I can’t grip her truthful entreaty to your Kula guruvu to get uncommon forces than we tin instruct workout to Nagamma.

Karkotaka concurs and leaves from that place. Arjun gets imagination that Siddha Purusha calling him. The adjacent greeting Bhairavi goes to Arjun country with tea, wherever she watches Arjun is preparing than she said him wherever is helium going successful the aboriginal morning.

Arjun educates her concerning the phantasy and illuminates her that helium volition conscionable him. Sanvi and Veerabhadram drawback their convo. Bhairavi speaks it’s simply dream.

Arjun tells don’t person a hint who’s that Siddha Purusha nevertheless helium is the idiosyncratic who saved my parent truthful this phantasy whitethorn person crushed and helium whitethorn travel present to conscionable me. Bhairavi speaks helium is valid and requests that helium instrumentality her alongside him.

Arjun concurs. Arjun and Bhairavi goes portion looking done Siddha Purusha. Sanvi and Veerabhadram travel them. At agelong past Arjun establishes Siddha Purusha and meets him and educates him astir his fantasy.

Sidha Purusha tells it’s my telephone not your phantasy and you purchased this Mani to prevention your ma beingness arsenic indicated by my words yet it’s undependable for this Mani to stay extracurricular successful airy of the information that insidious powers are attempting to get this Nagamani truthful clasp the Nagamani backmost successful the sanctuary. Bhairavi gets immoderate accusation astir Shakuntala wellbeing.

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