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Summary Main Story: Qurbaan Hua Main Story Still Has To Come Please Hold On with us…

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Current Begin Update: 23rd February 2021:(23/02/2020)

Read Qurbaan Hua 23 February 2021 Written Episode update on Our Official site Firstpostofindia.com. Now, Qurbaan Hua 23rd February 2021 Written Episode Update Starts with Chahat goes to Saraswati to decrease the contrasts among Neel and Vyas ji and cause Vyas ji to acknowledge their relationship. Neel finds a doll in Kripa’s bed while Naveli watches him and expectations for him to play the account. Yet, Kripa begins crying so he doesn’t press the play button. Kripa ruins Neel’s shirt so Alka speaks that she like him a great deal and he cherishes her a ton. She offers to change Kripa’s diaper and Neel goes to change his shirt. Naveli is baffled as Neel didn’t tune in to the chronicle. Around evening time Chahat watches Neel putting on something else and finds out if he conversed with Vyas ji. She speaks that he ought not act mischievously with him yet he closes her maxim that their older folks don’t merit their regard as they are intolerant.

Neel reveals to Chahat that Vyas ji used to give her Saraswati’s place and now he would not like to watch her face, so Chahat causes him to comprehend giving a model what Vyas ji should feel. She causes him to acknowledge how he would have felt swindled much the same as Vyas ji. Neel speaks that however Vyas ji is vexed yet that doesn’t imply that he would censure her for the normal cataclysm. The next morning Neel requests cleanser while washing up however it goes in his eyes so he requests water. He demands her to help him as his eyes are consuming. She causes him and afterward, Neel extorts her to be with him. So she needs to remain and offer shower to him, they have some good times time. Bhopu comes there and watches them and does dramatization to prod them, Chahat proceeds to offer him tea. Neel comes out and finds out if he did what he requested that he do. He reveals to Chahat that he has these banners printed to reward this individual who have offended her. Chahat discloses to Bhopu that Neel will drive Vyas ji madder by doing this, he tells that they don’t have any hint who the following mahant is. They hear Vyas ji yelling and they go out to perceive what occurred. Chahat watches a banner showing Chahat’s accomplishments so Neel acclaims Bhopu for this and prods Vyas ji discussing Chahat’s acceptable deeds.

Vyas ji requests that Neel get this banner out yet Neel tells that this is kept external the house and that Chahat has saved existences of numerous individuals and the locals should know the reality. He speaks that individuals who are blinded by religion they need to know the reality. Vyas ji speaks that his emotions for Chahat will not change by this and afterward tears the banner. Neel at that point requests that Bhopu put a greater pennant than this external the house and furthermore come for conveying in the entire town. Chahat attempts to support Vyas ji however he heads inside. She watches the pandits coming and thinks if conversing with them, she attempts however they overlook her. They go in and converse with Aalekh about his situation of mahant so Chahat hears this and us stunned. Chahat feels that Aalekh will abuse this position and he doesn’t merit this position. She watches a doll tumbling from a window and thinks about how did this come in the house. She is going to play the account yet Mami grabs it from her and gives it for gift. Mami ji requests that mother ji take it while Chahat watches the wrapping if the doll with Saraswati’s name on it. Aalekh goes near Naveli and embraces her however she blows upon her. He reveals to her that he will become mahant tomorrow and they will consume sumptuous time on earth together. Naveli presently feels that she has done a serious mix-up by recording Aalekh’s reality in that doll and implores that nobody gets the doll. Chahat thinks about how could this package come such countless months after Saraswati’s passing regardless of whether she would have posted it before death. She goes to Alka and requests what was inside the package so she tells that there was a doll in it so Chahat understands that the doll Mami was sending for gift.

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