Monthly meeting of the teacher group held in Upper primary school, Sadullapur

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A monthly meeting of the teacher group was organized at the Upper Primary School Sadullapur of Nyaya Panchayat Resource Center, Sangaichamau. ARP Abhay Yadav discussed in detail the important points of mission motivation at the meeting. ARP Surya Bhan Singh, while addressing the teachers, completed online loyalty training on time, downloading the Read Elang app to parents’ mobiles and training children, cornerstone, attention, teaching collection module, in schools Said to be a reading corner and active library. And how children were taught through storytelling, creativity, imaginativeness, practice of focusing attention to learning and narrating interesting story of Rah Miheer in the seminar. While addressing the meeting, ARP emphasized on making Sandi block a motivational block. He said that all teachers should make efforts to make their school a motivational school.

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