Sarma’s task

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by Auther11th May 202111th May 202104

Six years aft helium near the Congress, Himanta Biswa Sarma was sworn successful arsenic the 15th CM of Assam connected Monday. In this abbreviated span of time, Sarma made himself indispensable to the BJP’s governmental enlargement successful the Northeast. He played a cardinal relation successful the BJP winning Assam successful 2016 and piloted the party’s occurrence successful states including Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh and Tripura.

For astir of his governmental career, Sarma has been much a behind-the-scenes situation manager and strategist for the enactment — archetypal the Congress, and past the BJP — isolated from being curate of important departments specified arsenic wellness and acquisition successful the Tarun Gogoi and Sonowal governments. As CM, helium volition beryllium expected to pb from the front. His volition besides beryllium the work of healing a authorities riven by galore faultlines — immoderate of which person been deepened by his party’s politics. As a borderline state, Assam bears the scars of an exploitative assemblage colony argumentation and the Partition. It remains a restive nine and is inactive not astatine bid with issues of individuality and assets distribution. The BJP saw these done a communal prism and amended the citizenship act, reviving aged fears and insecurities. The CAA and the National Register of Citizens polarised Assam connected ethnic, linguistic and spiritual lines and Sarma was successful the forefront of a run that stoked number insecurities. Though the CAA and NRC took a backseat during the elections, the BJP targeted the AIUDF and its person Badruddin Ajmal. Sarma, connected 1 occasion, framed the predetermination arsenic a conflict betwixt 65 per cent (Hindus) and 35 per cent (Muslims). Before that, arsenic minister, helium had denied societal and taste bureau to Muslims of Bengali root by labelling them arsenic outsiders. As CM, Sarma volition request to triumph the spot and assurance of the full electorate, not conscionable those who had voted for the BJP.

Sarma has promised to crook Assam into an economical powerhouse. This is imaginable if helium tin guarantee societal bid and crook Assam’s geography and determination — particularly, its borderline with Bangladesh and the Brahmaputra — into an vantage to further trade, commerce, and tourism. However, the contiguous task for Sarma, who has held the wellness portfolio for galore years, would beryllium to pb the administration’s complaint successful the uphill conflict against the pandemic.

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