Majha Hoshil Na

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Summary Main Story: Majha Hoshil Na Main Story Still Has To Come Please Hold On with us…

Newscast Live Days: Monday To Friday

Current Begin Update: 23rd February 2021:(23/02/2020)

Read Majha Hoshil Na 23 February 2021 Written Episode update on Our Official site Now, Majha Hoshil Na 23rd February 2021 Written Episode Update Starts with Aditya takes Sai out to the tea slow down to brighten her up. Then, his uncles acknowledge how Sai is thinking that its hard to change in their home and choose to tidy up the house to make it simpler for Sai to live serenely. Before sufficiently long, they will work and clean up the house. To everybody’s absolute astonishment, Dada Mama chooses to change a couple of rules of the house.

In the interim, Aditya comforts Sai and causes her to comprehend his uncles’ side. Feeling remorseful for her upheaval, Sai apologizes to Aditya and the pair heads home. In transit back home, Sai gets panicked when Aditya vanishes out of nowhere. Nonetheless, he gets back with an unexpected which leaves her happy. As the couple appreciates a couple of seconds of fellowship, Sharmila finds them and affronts them.

While an enthusiastic Sai attempts to converse with Sharmila, the last will not recognize her as her girl and mortifies her. A sad Sai looks weakly as Sharmila leaves without saving a subsequent look. In any case, Aditya stops Sharmila and urges her to visit the Bramhes’ home at any rate once to perceive how glad Sai is. Besides, he guarantees her that they will actually want to roll out her improvement her psyche about Sai and him. In spite of the fact that Sharmila solidly proclaims that nothing can alter her perspective, she consents to visit their home the following day and tempests off.

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