Bloodborne 2 Fan-Made Concept Gameplay Trailer Offers New Bosses, New Lore, And So Much More

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"Where is Bloodborne 2" is among the astir communal gamer inquiries successful the gaming community, and portion we don't person anything official at this time, we bash person a truly extended (and cool) fan-made conception that shows disconnected what could be. 

Called Bloodborne 2: Blood Hunt, Resetera user 'Garden of Eyes' took to the forums to amusement disconnected their conception Bloodborne 2 gameplay trailer. This is simply a fully-realized conception plan with its ain gameplay seen successful the trailer below. Check it out, but spoiler? It's awesome: 

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The conception includes caller bosses and caller NPCs, but besides an thought for a caller Boss Arena arsenic well. "After the events of the archetypal game," says the creator, "the nameless huntsman has defeated the root of the Dream, the nameless Moon Presence, and has transcended into a higher plane; ushering a caller Childhood's Beginning, and earning the name: Apotheos." If you thought the hunt was going to extremity erstwhile and for all, deliberation again...

The archetypal post, seen here, shows disconnected antithetic caller bosses, including the following: 

  • Aziel, the Lost King - inspired by the vampire sanction Raziel from Legacy of Kain
  • Eylah, the Messenger of the Cosmos - inspired by the Turkish sanction Ayla, which means "halo of airy astir the moon" 
  • Shula, the Scorched - inspired by the Arabic connection for "flame"
  • Zaar, the Storm Elder - inspired by Saar, a Hebrew sanction meaning "storm"

The conception besides includes Blood Rifts, giving players a accidental to question passim the satellite of Yharnam successful bid to "return backmost to erstwhile it each started" successful bid to extremity the nightmare. With the extremity of cutting the ties that hindrance mankind and the Great Ones, this marks a fan-made escapade taking it backmost into an older time. 

Below, the conception creator besides shared their thought for a caller Void Boss Arena. "In this realm, the subordinate tin summon the antithetic enemies, NPCs and bosses they combat done their journey, and use assorted effects and buffs connected their wellness and harm multipliers," they shared. "This allows for endless possibilities of challenging fights and battles, creating caller combinations of brag battles successful antithetic arenas that the assemblage tin prosecute in, utilizing Glyph Codes to stock these battles. In addition, the subordinate tin usage “Eyes of Truth” to pit these enemies to combat against each other, allowing for absorbing A.I. interactions and antithetic perspectives successful these battles, and make cinematic what-if scenarios."

The thought is awesome but there's conscionable 1 downside: Now we want Bloodborne 2 adjacent more! You tin articulation successful connected the speech astir this Bloodborne 2 plan right here, fto the creator cognize what you think! 

Thoughts connected this awesome instrumentality connected what Bloodborne 2 could be? Weigh successful with your impressions successful the remark conception below! 

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