Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti

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Summary Main Story: Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti Main Story Still Has To Come Please Hold On with us…

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Current Begin Update: 23rd February 2021:(23/02/2020)

Read Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 23 February 2021 Written Episode update on Our Official site Now, Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 23rd February 2021 Written Episode Update Starts with Kuldeep speaking that Shubhra comprehends him all the more then anybody. He gets weepy eyes and expresses his respect towards her. He faces her and speaks that he have contemplated her proposal of going to Pune. He was going to proceed with when he gets Samaira’s call. He disregards it and was going to keep conversing with Shubhra however again Samaira calls him. He pardons himself speaking that he will return back soon and will have a legitimate discussion with Shubhra. He leaves while Shubhra gets cheerful. She speaks to herself that might be Kuldeep have chosen to go to Pune alongside them. She opens his PC to get affirmation and watches his abdication letter. She gets energized discovering that he is intending to find employment elsewhere in Mumbai. Shubhra calls Chandrani and advises her about the uplifting news. Chandrani staggers being in liquor impact while Madhura holds her. Chandrani gets glad alongside Madhura and plans to invite Shubhra and Kuldeep. She get some information about Anant, To which Shubhra educates her that he went to meet Samaira.

She requests that they appeal to God for getting uplifting news from Anant’s side as well. She offers bye while Chandrani gets stressed that for Anant’s convenience. Madhura advises her that this house have just 2 room and get some information about herself additionally as where she will remain after Kuldeep and Shubhra returns? Madhura snickers watching Chandrani’s stunned articulation. On the opposite side Kuldeep arrives at the office and gets staggered watching Anant laying in a pool of blood. He checks his vitals and gets alleviated discovering him alive. He requires an emergency vehicle and moves towards Samaira who was sobbing ceaselessly. He comforts her entire she embraces him firmly. He get some information about the matter as his eye meanders around the crushed state of the lodge.

Madhura tells that Chandrani can remain with her while Chandrani denies speaking about Narayan. She speaks that she will not go anyplace as she needs to remain with Rishi and Roli. She expresses that she can rest anyplace yet will not leave her family. Madhura grins at her consenting to her choice. Chandrani holds the glass of liquor to drink yet Madhura some way or another stops her. Emergency vehicle removes Anant while Samaira sits on the seat. Kuldeep get some information about the matter, To which she speaks that she needed to come clean with him however he wasn’t prepared to hear her out. Kuldeep speaks that it’s a police case and inquire as to whether she hitted Anant or not? To which she admits that she did. She lies that he was attempting to assault her again while Kuldeep watches her being stunned. Shubhra touches Rishi’s hair and speaks that she can give any test to keep them upbeat. She grins expressing that they will before long get Kuldeep back. Around then Rishi and Roli open their eyes making Shubhra stun.

Roli telling that her discourse was exhausting while Rishi and Shubhra chuckles. They gets glad as their group wins the fight. Samaira fakes a story before Kuldeep speaking that she called Anant to offer him cash to leave her in harmony yet he requested that she leave Kuldeep. She proceeds with that he compels himself upon her thus without having some other decision she attacked him. She cries while Kuldeep embraces her. He supports her and blows up on Anant. Shubhra and children partakes in their time together. Shubhra stimulates them while they giggles and gets glad for their triumph. Samaira speaks that she use to cherish Anant however he was truly possessive about her. She lies that he doesn’t confided in her and used to question her constantly. She speaks that he used to beat her and one day he constrained himself upon her and that is the manner by which Vedika went to the world. She expresses that she have attempted all the approaches to save her relationship with Anant yet his franticness continues to increment and that is the reason she left from that point

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