Karthika Deepam

Karthika Deepam 25th February 2021 Episode Written Updates Telugu Serial By Disney+ Hotstar. Read Karthika Deepam 25 February 2021 (25/02/2021) Written Updates With firstpostofindia.com

Summary Main Story: Karthika Deepam Main Story Still Has To Come Please Hold On with us…

Newscast Live Days: Monday to Friday

Current Begin Update: 25th February 2021:(25/02/2021)

Read Episode Full Written Updates: Karthika Deepam 25th February 2021 Written Updates Starts With Soundarya tells Tulasi doll become Goddess to our family so kindly don’t deny to utilize it. Mounitha thinks her section is finished and Karthik will become acquainted with about my lies than what’s my life. Deepa speaks it resembles getting endorsement to my virtue and my adoration that is the reason my heart isn’t needing it to occur. Soundarya indignantly holds Deepa neck and prasises her internal excellence and reveals to her that she wish to have a little girl like her. Mounitha feels left considering both them will not advise anything to Karthik. Soundarya speaks don’t advise to Karthik yet I will advise to him as his mom, don’t deny it. Deepa concurs with her grin. Soundarya speaks great time began to set your marrital life. Deepa speaks like you said it’s going on with Tulasi authorization that is the reason I’m not liable any longer. Soundarya and Deepa going to leave than they hears Mounitha yell since she gets injured with branch. Soundarya speaks I feel sorry for your life for listening mysteries of others. Mounitha speaks I heard everything, attempt your karma and I will do how I can deal with stop it. Soundarya stops her.

Mounitha tells likewise me on cheek since I realize how to slap your life. Deepa slaps her expression she knows both and requests that she leave. Priyamani figures Mounitha will commend me for sending her to sanctuary than she watches Mounitha and requests Prasadam. Mounitha slaps her for sending her to sanctuary and requests that she get Coffee for her. Mounitha figures Karthik may go for DNA test again in the event that he knows reality so I should be cautious and she calls Karthik to realize where is he. Karthik discloses to her that he will drop Sourya at home than he goes to clinic. Mounitha speaks I saw your Mom and Deepa at sanctuary and they are wanting to execute new dramatization Infront of you so be cautious. Karthik concurs. Mounitha thinks now Karthik will have a hard time believing them.

Sourya requests that Karthik drive fastly on the grounds that she needs to watches Hima energetically. Karthik speaks he likewise needs to watches her and Hima may be feeling exhausted like you. Sourya speaks valid, she is missing you gravely and she may snoozing bed pondering you. Karthik speaks valid. Bhagyalakshmi washes her garments than thinks how to purchase new saree from Mani and she calls Shravya and requests how’s everybody. Shravya speaks everybody is fine. Bhagyalakshmi requests that Shravya offer 10k to her. Shravya cuts call speaking she will give in the wake of requesting her Mom in law. Bhagyalakshmi figures Hima may have cash to quickly wish she gets joined with Karthik very soon. Hima sits tight for her Mom and she watches Deepa and Soundarya are getting back home. Hima cheerfully embraces her. Deepa inquires as to whether she felt exhausted. Hima speaks yes since we don’t have any TV too. Soundarya tells don’t stress on the grounds that in one day everything will be settled and you all can live like a glad family.

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