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Kitchener, Waterloo, May 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Global learning exertion person D2L announced contiguous it has signed the IMS Global Learning Consortium’s Standards First Pledge. The pledge is simply a committedness to marque unfastened standards the superior prime for acquisition exertion and empower customers to find the close premix of solutions to enactment their concern and learners. 

By signing this pledge, D2L is gathering connected its ongoing committedness to unfastened standards. Today, D2L’s Brightspace level is simply a person successful the manufacture with 17 IMS certifications and is recognized arsenic the archetypal commercialized learning absorption strategy certified for IMS Learning Information Services. Additionally, D2L’s Senior Vice President of Product Management, David Koehn, was appointed to the Board of Directors of the IMS Global Learning Consortium. This intentional absorption connected IMS certifications allows our users to determination easy betwixt Brightspace and different acquisition exertion products, creating a cost-effective, seamless and broad integer learning ecosystem. This interoperability betwixt systems delivers a amended acquisition for learners and helps customers debar further costs, inflexibility and barriers created by closed systems.

“Learning environments built connected unfastened standards create unlimited possibilities for module and learners successful K-12, higher and corporate education. D2L has agelong been a leader successful the improvement and adoption of open standards and astir precocious has helped catalyze the motorboat of the groundbreaking Standards First program,” says Dr. Rob Abel, CEO, IMS Global Learning Consortium.

“Supporting unfastened standards is entrenched successful D2L’s DNA. We attraction profoundly astir gathering a learning level that is simply a hub to an unfastened ecosystem of implicit 1,800 integrated technologies. We enactment hard to springiness our clients prime and casual integration done unfastened standards,” says John Baker, President and CEO of D2L. “I privation to commend IMS Global for its enactment and concern connected unfastened standards. D2L is arrogant to person played a catalyzing relation for this programme and to beryllium a signatory to the Standards First Pledge.”

To articulation america successful the Standards First Pledge and larn much astir our IMS certifications, click here.


D2L’s Brightspace is a cloud-based learning level built for radical who attraction profoundly astir pupil success.  
It makes it casual to enactment exceptional pupil experiences successful the schoolroom oregon afloat online, physique meaningful connections, and gives teachers and instructors the tools they’re going to love. D2L’s Brightspace is worry-free with 99.99% reliability. It’s highly accessible and looks beauteous connected immoderate mobile device, making it easier for teachers and instructors to scope each learner and for each learner to scope their afloat potential. 

D2L’s Brightspace has won multiple industry awards. To larn more, sojourn D2L for K-12 or Higher Education.


IMS Global Learning Consortium is a non-profit enactment that advances exertion to standard and amended acquisition information and attainment affordably. IMS members are starring suppliers, higher acquisition institutions, K-12 districts and schools, and authorities organizations that alteration amended teaching and learning by collaborating connected interoperability and adoption initiatives.


D2L is transforming the mode the satellite learns – helping learners of each ages execute much than they dreamed possible. Working intimately with clients each implicit the world, D2L is supporting millions of radical learning online and successful person. Our much than 950 planetary employees are dedicated to making the champion learning products to permission the satellite amended than wherever they recovered it. Learn much astir D2L for K-12, higher acquisition and businesses at www.D2L.com.


Christine D’Angela
Director External Strategic Communications, D2L Corporation

Twitter: @D2L

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