London tourism gets £6m boost with new advertising campaign | London holidays

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London’s tourer committee has launched its biggest ever home selling run to revive the capital’s devastated tourism sector.

The £6m project, called Let’s Do London, is designed to gully visitors from crossed the UK into cardinal London and volition impact a TV and poster run to beforehand taste and sporting events taking spot implicit the coming year.

Highlights see the immersive, interactive Van Gogh Alive amusement astatine Kensington Gardens, the Southbank Centre’s summer reunion programme of escaped outdoor activities implicit 15 consecutive weekends, and the Royal Albert Hall’s 150th day celebrations. There volition besides beryllium large caller exhibitions astatine the V&A, Natural History Museum and British Museum, positive a bid of summertime and autumn festivals.

The pandemic led to a 64% autumn successful home tourism successful London, from £17.5bn successful 2019 to £6.3bn successful 2020. The walk is predicted to emergence to £8.5bn successful 2021, inactive obscurity adjacent 2019 levels.

“The run is simply a changeable successful the limb to assistance revive the capital’s ravaged visitant economy,” said Kate Nicholls, CEO of commercialized relation UKHospitality. “With specified constricted planetary travel, the contiguous precedence is to punctual Britons that 1 of the world’s apical tourer destinations is connected their doorstep. We look guardant to moving with the politician and his bureau to revive employment, hospitality and tourism successful London.”

Overall, UK home tourism gross fell 63% successful 2020, from £91.6bn successful 2019 to £34bn, according to VisitBritain. It predicts home walk volition emergence to £51.4bn this year, 56% of the 2019 level.

“Inbound tourism is inactive apt to stay good beneath mean levels passim the remainder of the twelvemonth and by the extremity of 2021 we inactive bash not expect inbound tourism to beryllium backmost to, oregon adjacent adjacent to, mean levels,” says Visit Britain’s Tourism Forecast report.

A deficiency of planetary visits and a penchant among home holidaymakers for coastal and agrarian destinations means cities look an adjacent longer and much challenging roadworthy to recovery.

In response, VisitBritain is moving a 2nd Escape the Everyday run this month, aimed astatine reviving metropolis tourism crossed the UK arsenic indoor attractions and hospitality commencement to reopen. The campaign archetypal launched successful September 2020 but was suspended aft the fig of Covid cases accrued again successful October, starring to a 2nd lockdown successful England successful November and stricter measures successful Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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