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Summary Main Story: Pandya Store Main Story Still Has To Come Please Hold On with us…

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Current Begin Update: 10th May 2021:(10/05/2021)

Read Pandya Store 10 May 2021 Written Episode update on Our Official site Now, Pandya Store 10th May 2021 Written Episode Update Starts with Dhara tells that even in our life there will be a substantial breeze that will shake our confidence, yet we should keep our confidence solid. Shiva cautions Krish not to advise about their trick plan to Gautam.

Krish guarantees Shiva he will not. Gautam said them what’s going on. Shiva tells it appears to be that Krish fall head over heels. Krish cheerfully embraces Shiva and said how he became acquainted with. Gautam inquires as to whether he truly began to look all starry-eyed at. Krish gestures yes. Gautam reminds Krish he’s in the time of considering.

Krish tells this is the correct age and he can’t begin to look all starry-eyed at in Gautam’s age. Gautam Shiva speaks like Dev, Krish likewise began to look all starry eyed at. Gautam speaks even Shiva will become hopelessly enamored with Raavi. Shiva speaks it is difficult to soften him.

Gautam tells it’s certainly feasible. Gautam said who is the young lady. Krish speaks that he doesn’t, he doesn’t meet her. Shiva said how he began to look all starry-eyed at without knowing the young lady. Krish speaks that he will not comprehend and requests to go beware of Raavi.

Dhara tells to Dev that Rishita fighted with everybody for him and preeminent significant she’s the young lady whom he adores. Dev said will cherish change after marriage. Dhara speaks after marriage duties are added with adoration. Spouse has more duties. He should cause his significant other to feel great.

Dhara requests that Dev assume his liability. Not at all like Shiva and Raavi, Dev and Rishita got hitched by their desire. Raavi is crying recollecting Rishita’s words. Shiva passes by that side and spots Raavi. He goes to her and speaks that he just has the privilege to inconvenience her and said who is liable for her tears, who is her adversary.

Raavi said what he will do knowing. Shiva speaks he will that individual as he just has the option to be her foe. Raavi speaks Shiva is her lone adversary, she’s getting rebuffed for wedding him and leaves. Rishita is vexed that Dev didn’t call her to persuade her. She considers calling him, however drops the thought. She hears Dev getting down on Rishita. She opens the window to check and tracks down nobody. She gets frightened and shut the window.

Dev guarantees Dhara to improve his connection with Rishita, however, he will not endure Dhara’s affront. Rishita ought to figure out how to regard seniors. Dhara speaks that she shouldn’t have reproved Rishita, she ought to have cause her to comprehend with tolerance. Rishita is as of now furious with her and she would get more irate at this point.

Dhara tells if Dev additionally doesn’t uphold her, she will be left alone. Dev said how she can in any case focus on Rishita.

Dhara tells that she comprehends Rishita’s sentiments and requests that Dev do likewise. Dhara comes to Raavi and tracks down her crying. Dhara apologizes to Raavi in the interest of Rishita. Raavi speaks that she conceded that her adoration for Dev is uneven and hitched Shiva, why Rishita continues to affront her. Dhara said Raavi not to take Rishita’s words in heart.

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