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Read Hamariwali Good News 23 February 2021 Written Episode update on Our Official site Firstpostofindia.com. Now, Hamariwali Good News 23rd February 2021 Written Episode Update Starts with Aditya tells it was me who lost employment, went to prison for off-base and phony cases, I am the person who confronted the outcomes of being jobless and felt useless and my better half was performing twofold responsibility at an equivalent chance to run the house and I was getting humiliated to watch my significant other is getting troubled with over duties and I was not even ready to help her and now you are reminding about acceptable habits and ways. That time I was in isolation with my uncertainties and inadequacy so whatever caused me to feel right I did that. I was around 16 years when you walked out on me since I was not prepared to sit with you in the shop and prepared to join your business and after that you never minded to deal with me. You put Tiwari and Sons board on the shop yet didn’t want to place me in your heart, I was in every case alone so on the off chance that you think I am terrible child however for me it is you who is an awful dad.

Renuka approaches and slaps Aditya and requests that he stay under control and requests to speaks sorry to his dad yet he doesn’t utter a word and goes higher up. Mukund comes in his room and speaks to Renuka that Aditya was not off-base at all as I was never focused on my obligations. Extraordinarily when he is experiencing a great deal alone, I was so charmed in my own phony world that I didn’t watch that my child needs me and I must be with her in this difficult stretches. On the off chance that I can be with him on the opportune time and can deal with him when he is staggering in his life then today I don’t need to watch this day by any means.

Renuka tells to him that we are not awful however the time is so awful for us all and Aditya couldn’t oversee himself in that time by any stretch of the imagination. She speaks to him that don’t stress we will bring Aditya back from this way and we will consistently be close by so he never fells left alone from here on out and speaks in his difficult stretches we were unable to be his solidarity. It was our girl in-law Navya who was with her better half in each good and bad. They requested that Navya be with Aditya and pass on to him that they are not furious with him and will accomplish something for him. She comes up and watches Aditya is attempting to cut his wrist and she calls Mukund and Renuka for help and Mukund some way or another makes Aditya returns to his faculties and speaks there is no compelling reason to do all these fairly they can begin anew in their life. He gives Aditya a check and speaks that make it money tomorrow first thing and takes care of the relative multitude of obligations however after this don’t have any connection with every one of them. The next morning, the thugs come in their home for cash when Aditya is out for taking money withdrawal from bank and left his telephone at home unintentionally. Mukund, Renuka and Navya all together tackle all the hooligans and beats them with cooking wares and sauces and washing powder water. Aditya gets liberated from Rocky bhai as police came to capture them all.

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