The multi-skin tone handshake emojis coming in 2022

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The multi-skin tone handshake emojis coming in 2022

A whole lot of new emojis were brought by the Apple’s recent iOS 14.5 version for iPhone to express your feelings in more detail. According to the company, a total of 441 emojis in a single OS update. Some new emojis might also be introduced by Google, Samsung, Facebook and others, later this year. although, multi-skin tone handshake emojis, our first major and potential emoji that could arrive in devices by next year.

Since 2014, both tech giants, Apple and Google have asked the Unicode Consortium to add more skin tones to existing emojis. Several of the emojis have coming up with every major update, and this time, the existing handshake emoji is getting this treatment.

As of now, the handshake emoji can only be seen in yellow color, be it on WhatsApp, Facebook, Apple or anywhere else. However, these new skin shade emojis have been sent to the Unicode Consortium, where both hands can be of different skin shades as well.

This was announced by Google via a blog post, citing Google’s creative director for emoji and a member of Unicode Technical Committee, Jennifer Daniel. The blog post read, how she came up with 25 new variations with different skin shades of the handshake emoji. According to Daniel, the process was long since there wasn’t just one emoji to turn into a new color. It required two hands, both of which had to be in different skin tones.

Daniel in November proposed the emoji with the expectation it would land on devices in 2021. However, due to Covid-19 limitations, the process got delayed by six months. So now, the emojis are expected to arrive in the next release, Emoji 14.0, in 2022.

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