India’s Own Game Fau-G Has Arrived

FAUG teaser launch India’s own game FAU-G has arrived

FAUG teaser launchFAUG teaser launch

FAUG Teaser Launch

The first teaser of the Indian mobile game FAU-G based on the Indian Army and self-reliance has arrived. These teasers are supported by the game and by Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar. FAU-G, which represents Fearless And United – Guards, FAU-G, was announced as India’s PUBG mobile game.

PUBG mobile game is one of the world’s most popular mobile games in India. Still, the Government of India banned the PUBG mobile game.

The teaser depicts the scene of war on mountainous areas, presenting players who will participate in the game’s missions with armed struggle against enemies.

FAU-G Game Mode

In earlier waves, Vishal Gondal, founder, and head of Encore Games, the developer of FAU-G, said that the gameplay of FAU-G would not accompany Battle Royal Mode upon release. Instead, the gameplay will be based on India’s recent armed battle against China at the Galvan Valley border. The teaser has usually performed the same scenes.

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FAU-G GameFAU-G Game

FAU-G Game Release Date

FAU-G is expected to be released soon. Following the pre-release deadline of October 2020, the latest data suggest that FAU-G is scheduled to be released in November 2020, within the coming weeks. Given what the game’s teaser looks like, if FAU-G can make its way into India as PUBG Mobile did, and the game will initially act as a shooting game in the coming years.

Many modes can be prepared. More wows should be released soon, mostly as the former cinematic teaser now remains.

pubg mobile game

Why PUBG Mobile Game Ban ?

PUBG Mobile banned because of online security concerns as it had a relationship with the Chinese publisher, Tencent. To protect itself and make a safe place in India, PUBG Mobile India has announced that it has severed ties with Tencent in India.

Still, it remains to be seen whether, despite the isolated figures, Will this game is enough to bring it back to Indian cyberspace or are these games still breaking India’s security line.

On this note, the makers of FAU-G have so far highlighted that the game is not designed to offer goods like PUBG but to come up with an original story.

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