Eknath Shinde has done the Inspection of Bhokarpada Water Purification Center of NMMC

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Panvel: Maharashtra state Minister of Urban Development and Guardian Minister of Thane district Mr. Eknath Shinde , who came to Bhokarpada, Panvel for a government program, has visited Bhokarpada Water Purification Center of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation of Water Distribution Systems. Mr shinde has Received detailed information from Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation commissioner Mr. Abhijeet Bangar and appreciated the modern automation system. Police Commissioner Shri Bipin Kumar Sing ,City Engineer Mr. Surendra Patil was present on this occasion.

Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation, which has its own dam, is the only Municipal corporation in the Independence period. Bhokarpada Water Purification Center is brought from Morbe Dam for Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation by Gurutva Water Vaaline and purification process is done their. The Morbe project is on the Dhawari river, which is the suburb of Patalganga river coming from natural areas like Matheran, and the entire area is surrounded by tree resources, so the water here is originally pure. On it, Bhokarpada water purification center is purified more by doing various processes. This pure water is stored in the tank through channels and further sent to Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation area.

Bhokarpada Water Purification Center has been certified with ISO 9001-2015 quality certificate for maintaining water quality and the certificate has been kept up to date since 2015 Through this, there is a seal of approval on the water distribution system of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation.

Maharashtra Jeevan Authority handed over Bhokarpada Water Purification Center to Nvi Mumbai Municipal Corporation in December 2009 and at that time its capacity was 300 D.L.L. Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation’s Morbe Dam project capacity is 450 D.L.L. per day. So the Municipal Corporation has given the capacity of water purification center to 150 D.L.L. Essential machinery and infrastructure facilities have been set up to increase and the center’s capacity is 450 D.L.L. it has done from June 2012. The Guardian Minister is closely inspecting all these processes and hydrological technology equipment. Mr. Eknath Shinde expressed satisfaction.

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