East Shoreline Catholic Academy is Now Accepting Applications

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If you are a parent, grandparent, or friend of either, who have or know school age children or grandchildren, I encourage you to discover or re-discover Catholic schools. It is the best gift you can give a child.

East Shoreline Catholic Academy (ESCA) is a dynamic PreK3 to Gr. 8 STREAM model school, preparing individual students to be our future leaders rooted in faith, service, and academic excellence.

East Shoreline Catholic Academy employs the STREAM educational model endorsed by the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) and accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). STREAM connects every content area and richly augments all learning experiences by incorporating technology and engineering into a traditional curriculum. The STREAM framework includes Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts (fine arts, Language Arts), and Mathematics. Learning within a climate of innovation, Academy children explore, analyze, and create, whether they are collaborating with others or doing independent research. Our highly trained and dedicated faculty educate students to problem solve, inquire, think, and investigate, utilizing a “growth mindset” philosophy. Woven throughout all of these activities, students are respected for their value as a person of God and taught how to be respectful to you and others.

This innovative classroom environment combined with our progressive STREAM educational curriculum, interdisciplinary instruction and project-based applications of learned concepts will help children acquire leadership skills while preparing them for success in those careers most in-demand in the 21st century. Additionally, ESCA offers many extracurricular activities, including band, chess, choir, fife & drum, guitar, mock trial, robotics, sports, and theater. We provide before care and aftercare programs (7 am to 6 pm), all-day Pre-K and part-time options for Pre-K3, special education services, and regional busing. All faiths are welcome!

To learn more about East Shoreline Catholic Academy, visit our website: eastshorelinecatholicacademy.org , or contact our Admissions Director: admissions@eastshorelinecatholicacademy.org.

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