Download YouTube Videos & Torrents Easily With File Download Manager

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There are many software’s available on the internet that helps in Youtube videos download and other videos. Some of these software’s are paid and some of the software’s are free of cost. But the fact is paid software gives some extra benefits. Well, this is true but there are some video downloading software available that is not less than paid video downloading software. This software helps to download youtube videos and other videos with a single click. You just have to copy and paste the link and then start downloading.

One of the most used Youtube Video downloading software is Free Download Manager. It is free software and anyone can download videos with it. You just need to install the software on your pc or laptop. There is nothing more to do. The best part of the software is that you can also download the torrent files with this video downloader software. Below are the full details regarding how to download youtube videos for free with Free Download Manager.

Download Youtube Videos & Torrents With Free Download Manager

For downloading torrent files most of us use the Utorrent. But when you have the free download manager there is no need to install Utorrent separately as this software allows you to download torrent files easily and with faster speed. Here are the steps with which you can download Youtube videos and torrent files with Free Download Manager.

Steps To Install Free Download Manager on Laptop or PC

First of all search for a free download manager on GoogleNow click on the link ( Alternatively, you can directly open the website.Now click on the Free Download Icon on the screenAfter clicking on the link, a setup file of 32MB will start downloadingAfter downloading, run the setup and install the software for youtube video downloading.

Steps To Download YouTube Videos With Free Download Manager

Once the application is installed, open the softwareNow Open Youtube and play a video of your choice.Copy the link from the address barOpen the software and click on the Add or + sign available on the top left sidePaste the link, select format, and start downloading.Once the download is complete you can play the video on your pc. It will be saved on your pc or laptop.

How To Download Torrent File

First of all open any torrent websiteSearch for anything like games, software, videos, etcDownload the torrent linkNow open Free Download ManagerDrag that torrent file to the software or simply click on addOnce it will be added, the downloading will start

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