DM inspected the work of straightening the river Ganga

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DM Avinash Kumar under Tehsil Bilgram intensive work of daging work carried out by Sharda Canal Department to straighten the Ganga stream to protect villages like Katri, Katri Parsola, Katri Bichhoi, Raghuveer Purvi and Jayanti Purva etc. from Rajghat The inspection was done by boat. During the inspection, the DM instructed the project manager of UP Project Pankaj Verma and Executive Engineer Sharda Canal Akhilesh Kumar Gautam to ensure that all the works of straightening of the Ganga stream are completed before the rains as per the quality and standard so that the said villages To be saved from recurring Ganga erosion. After this, the DM inspected the ongoing Madh Mela at Rajghat and seeing the low number of police personnel in the fair, he directed the police station concerned to increase the number of police forces in order to protect the Kalpavis and devotees.


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