ONI.exchange is Here, and They are Launching in Style!

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Cryptocurrency DeFi, ain AMM, NFT, and Yield Farm ONI.exchange, shared immoderate insights astir their existent advancement and plans ahead. They person created BEP-20 ONI token connected Binance Smart Chain network, which volition powerfulness a large ecosystem astir its DeFi exchange.

ONI.exchange was created to supply earning opportunities for everyone. It aims to go 1 of the biggest names successful the DeFi space, by providing solutions that volition let anyone to marque a nett by simply utilizing its existent and upcoming services (Auto-compounding, Farm lock, and more).

Currently, they person 2 PRE-SALES moving earlier the level is launched. First is connected their spouse speech ProBit and requires KYC verification. Second is IFO connected ThunderSwap, wherever anyone tin bargain ONI tokens with their BNB tokens and assertion them aft PRE-SALE is over. The authoritative motorboat day is Friday, May 14th, erstwhile they volition unfastened deposits, and finally, connected Monday, May 17th, commencement minting. Full Smart Contracts audit is besides successful the works by HashEx audit institution and volition beryllium released and disposable earlier launch, on with galore different information handles that marque ONI.exchange 1 of the safest and risk-free opportunities connected the marketplace today.

ONI.exchange CEO, Gregor revealed their plans and explained what they privation to execute and however they are antithetic from different presently akin projects successful DeFi space. The main absorption of ONI is NFTs and unchangeable profits.

Because ONI.exchange ONI token is mintable, it means that they request to conflict ostentation by buy-backs of ONI tokens and to pain them connected a regular basis. Over clip the full proviso of tokens astatine astir DEX exchanges grows, making tokens little valuable.

ONI.exchange solution to this occupation is to physique an ecosystem astir ONI.exchange, that volition let them to pain more, clasp ostentation inactive oregon adjacent alteration it if needed, making ONI token a precise invaluable and unchangeable plus successful the crypto space.

They are besides designing NFT strategy with breedable ONI NFT characters, which you volition beryllium capable to turn to adults and aboriginal usage successful their ONI Legends game, akin to Axie Infinity.

What they volition physique astir ONI.exchange is arsenic follows: First is ONI Market (ONIM), wherever you volition beryllium capable to buy, sell, trade, and cod ONI NFTs. Second successful enactment is ONI Shards – A abstracted superfarm with token ONIS (ONIS tokens volition beryllium needed for breeding of ONI NFT characters and you tin lone make/get ONIS by staking ONI successful ONI Shards superfarm and aboriginal by buying them connected the market). The 3rd is ONI Legends – The crippled akin to Axie Infinity which volition present ONI battles, onshore gameplay, and onshore plots, nft items, accessories, and more.

All of those platforms volition enactment seamlessly with each different and enactment ONI tokens to use.

If each of the supra gets realized, the ONI token volition go 1 of the astir invaluable assets successful the crypto world, and ONI.exchange among the biggest DeFi names that we know.

To amusement support, get immoderate ONI earlier the speech launches, and assistance them execute their goals faster.

Below are the astir important links regarding ONI.exchange:

PRE-SALE (ends connected 13.05.2021):

  1. IFO connected ThunderSwap: https://thunderswap.finance/ifo (No registration, KYC oregon state restrictions, elemental acquisition with BNB tokens),
  2. IEO connected ProBit: https://www.probit.com/en-us/ieo/oni-round1/1 (Registration and KYC required, state restrictions (USA), acquisition disposable with PROB, BTC, ETH, USDT, and XRP tokens/coins)

Website: https://oni.exchange

Docs/Whitepaper: https://oni-exchange.gitbook.io/oni-exchange/

Community (Telegram): https://t.me/oni_exchange

Twitter: https://twitter.com/oniexchange

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oniexchange/

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