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Summary Main Story: Kanta locks Ahalya successful a room

Newscast Live Days: Monday To Friday

Tv Show Language: Tamil

Current Begin Update: 11th May 2021:(11/05/2021)

Read Gattimela 11 May 2021 Written Episode update connected Our Official tract Now, Gattimela 11th May 2021 Written Episode Update Starts with Amulya reprimands Kanta for taking her bicycle. A terrified Kanta enlightens her concerning specified an excess of being Vedanth’s arrangement.

Ongoing into the house, Amulya is astonished connected seeing her brightened bicycle. On gathering Vedanth, Amulya reproaches him for failing to retrieve her day and for not wishing her and moreover for taking her bicycle. Afterward, Vedanth’s absorption leaves her shocked.

Vedanth reveals to her that helium did the entirety of the supra truthful she tin conscionable him. Moreover, Amulya ponders astir the astonishment arranged by Vedanth for her.

Somewhere else, Kanta is stunned connected seeing Ahalya astatine the area. Kanta chooses to observe the mentation for her sojourn and to amusement her a happening oregon two. At the constituent erstwhile Ahalya goes into a country looking for Vedanth, Kanta locks her wrong that room.

In the interim, Vedanth takes Amulya to different country wherever she is astonished connected tracking down her fig 1 blossoms. At the constituent erstwhile Vedanth retired of obscurity begins wheezing, Amulya gets stressed.

Afterward, Amulya is pleased that helium purchased those blossoms for her adjacent successful the aftermath of being delicate to the blossoms.

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