CM Uddhav Thackeray to take step in 8 days for strict lockdown if COVID-19 rules are violated

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With the spiking COVID-19 cases in Maharashtra, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray addressed the people of the state last night. To check the rise of Covid cases, the CM requested that all social gatherings, processions, and political events in Maharashtra will be cancelled from today.

The CM has urged all political parties to not organise big political, social, religious functions. “We are reducing the number of public events. We are canceling many of our events. If we don’t follow the rules then we will have to impose a strict lockdown,” he said. He also appealed to the public to wear masks and maintain social distance in order to avoid another lockdown in the state. “The decision to implement another lockdown lies in the hands of public,” he said.

“More vaccines will be produced. Only after that general members of the public will get vaccinated,” he added. The CM said that from two testing labs 500 labs have been made operational now. “Despite the crisis, the government signed MoUs for an investment of over Rs 1 lakh crore. The virus is growing again. We were relaxed in between so again we have to take extra steps to avoid infection,” he added.

Commenting on the guidelines issued to the international arrivals he said, “Returnees from abroad are quarantined for 7 days in hotels to avoid further problems.” In the wake of violation of norms in banquet halls, the government will take stern action and similar action for violation of norms in public spaces. “Today there are 6971 patients detected. A fortnight ago only 2000 cases were detected. Cases were brought down due to work by COVID-19 warriors, some of them lost their lives” he said with regards to the efforts taken by the health workers.

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‘Mi Jababdar campaign’ will be launched and he anticipates that the public will cooperate. The CM will decide in another eight days on whether to impose another lockdown in state. “Those who do not want will follow norms and those who want will wander without mask” he added. Commenting on the vaccination drive within the state, he stated, “one relief is that we have vaccines. In Maharashtra about 9 lakh Covid warriors have been vaccinated so far. There are no deadly side effects that came to the fore. Urge remaining Covid warriors to come forward and get vaccinated.”

Maharashtra recently reported 6,281 new coronavirus contaminations in a single day for the first time after more than three months, indicating a worse pandemic situation. Mumbai reported the most noteworthy single-day spike of 897 new cases since January this year. Pune Metropolitan Corporation (PMC) detailed 430 new cases, Amravati Metropolitan Corporation reported 806 new cases, and Nagpur Civil Enterprise recorded 548 new COVID-19 cases.

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