Call Of Duty Rambo DLC teaser video released, coming May 20

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Call Of Duty Rambo DLC teaser video released, coming May 20

Call of Duty’s John Rambo DLC to travel connected May 20. A caller teaser was released by Activision, utilizing the celebrated Rambo II line, “To past a war, you gotta go a war.”

Other than the teaser, astir 9sec successful the video, you tin spot a shirtless quality who is wielding what looks similar Rambo’s trademark compound bow and explosive arrows tin beryllium seen.

Become war.

— Call of Duty (@CallofDuty) May 10, 2021

Since past week, Activision has been teasing the Rambo DLC for Call of Duty past week, encouraging galore to judge that the quality volition beryllium coming to Black Ops Cold War and Warzone arsenic a caller Operator. The caller teaser confirms that much licensed Operators whitethorn beryllium successful the works.

Also a astir caller teaser points to John McClane from Die Hard is besides coming arsenic a playable worker successful Call of Duty. It seems arsenic though, Warzone is utilizing the aforesaid strategy arsenic Fortnite, by collaborating with large brands to merchandise quality skins.

Warzone is 1 of the astir fashionable games, having much than 100 cardinal players. According to Activision. the institution plans connected supporting the crippled for a agelong clip successful the future, and licensed Operators similar Rambo and McClane could beryllium portion of that ambition.

Activision besides said that its free-to-play games specified arsenic Warzone and CoD: Mobile person ‘transformed’ the series. Moreover, the institution besides confirmed that 2021’s caller Call of Duty crippled is coming from Sledgehammer (CoD: WWII) and it volition person Warzone integration.

The station Call Of Duty Rambo DLC teaser video released, coming May 20 appeared archetypal connected OIB News.

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