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Top Chef has ne'er failed to astonishment its fans and it’s harmless to accidental that it’s 1 of the astir originative culinary shows, wherever contestants are thoroughly challenged. And implicit the years, a fig of A-listers person graced the amusement arsenic impermanent judges. It’s improbable that Top Chef viewers volition ever hide Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron oregon Chrissy Teigen’s quality arsenic impermanent judges, but determination is simply a bevy of different celebrated names who’ve had truly absorbing stints connected the show.

Joe Jonas, for instance, astir apt broke each his trainer’s rules arsenic helium sampled a full batch of sweetener and carbs during his quality connected Top Chef when he judged midnight snacks for children. Dita Von Teese’s episode, connected different hand, had rather a fewer cheeky, NSFW recipes connected the table. 

10 Jon Favreau

Jon Favreau successful  a airy  bluish  hshirt and glasses talking to Padma Laxmi connected  Top Chef

The actor-director famously played a cook successful his 2014 drama titled Chef, wherever helium plays a culinary marvel, who, aft losing his occupation astatine a apical restaurant, sets up his ain nutrient truck.

Favreau erstwhile revealed that he had watched each occurrence of Top Chef arsenic portion of his probe for the role, and helium really was a personage impermanent justice successful play 11 of the show. In his episode, contestants had to recreate a crockery that marked a turning constituent successful their culinary careers and helped them recognize their passion. 

9 Anthony Mackie

Anthony Mackie and Padma Laxmi surrounded by Top Chef hosts

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier star, who hails from New Orleans, was invited arsenic a justice successful 1 of Top Chef: New Orleans’ elimination challenge episodes. The contestants had to marque thing comforting that they crave erstwhile they spell home, oregon thing homely and festive, and a batch of contestants created vacation dishes successful this challenge.

Mackie revealed that erstwhile successful New Orleans, helium likes going to creole cook Leah Chase’s restaurant, Dooky Chase, and that’s wherever the situation was held.

8 Paul Reubens

Paul Reubens successful  a grey suit   holding a solid  lasting  adjacent  to Padma Laxmi successful  a pinkish  dress, besides  holding a glass, connected  Top Chef

In 1 of the episodes of Top Chef play 9, contestants walked into a country with a sheet stacked with pancakes, and it was revealed that their situation was to marque pancakes for comedian Paul Reubens, who famously loves pancakes. Just a fewer minutes later, Reubens rode into the amusement connected a bicycle. The conception of the amusement was changeable successful San Antonio, Texas, the metropolis that featured successful Reubens film, Pee-wee’s Big Adventure.

“I came present to movie Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, to the Alamo, galore years ago,” Reubens said. “It’s the archetypal clip I’ve been back. It’s thrilling. Thank you truthful overmuch for having me.”

7 Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas successful  a bluish  garment  lasting  adjacent  to Padma Laxmi connected  Top Chef

Joe Jonas was brought successful to justice 1 of the astir absorbing quickfire episodes of the show. In play 8, the chefs had to whip up a midnight snack for simple schoolhouse students spending the nighttime astatine a museum. One of the main components successful astir each the recipes was sugar, but the Jonas member did not shy distant from sampling each dish. 

He picked 2 favorites, savory murphy and carrot chips with marshmallow dip made by Spike Mendelsohn, and Tiffani F’s atom crispy treats with malted beverage and graham crackers.

6 Buzz Aldrin

Buzz Aldrin successful  a achromatic  blazer and bluish  garment  sitting adjacent  to Padma Laxmi with a satellite  successful  the background

Buzz Aldrin was called successful to justice a peculiar situation successful play 7, wherever chefs were tasked with creating a zero gravity-friendly crockery that could beryllium freeze-dried and sent into space.

Former Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin and astronauts Sandy Magnus and Leland Melvin decided Angelo Sosa’s ginger lacquered abbreviated ribs with pea puree, pickled mushrooms and horseradish crème fraiche deserved the apical spot, and the crockery was actually prepared by NASA and flown aboard a aboriginal mission.

5 Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters sitting astir   a array  connected  Top Chef

In play 5, the Grammy Award-winning set made an quality connected Top Chef for the Thanksgiving episode. The contestants battled for a accidental to spot the set unrecorded astatine 1 of their concerts by assembling a Thanksgiving repast for the musicians. Frontman Dave Grohl, especially, was engaging, interactive and joked astir with the contestants, and visibly enjoyed astir everything helium sampled.

However, the occurrence was criticized arsenic somewhat lackluster and dull due to the fact that the gait seemed rather dilatory and adjacent the play betwixt the contestants wasn’t each that interesting. It was, successful fact, rather bland for a vacation episode.

4 Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart wearing a achromatic  overgarment   implicit    a grey blouse lasting  adjacent  to Padma Laxmi who is wearing a bluish  apical  connected  Top Chef

Many fans whitethorn not remember, but Martha Stewart was a impermanent justice on Top Chef season 5. For the challenge, the contestants had to marque a one-dish vacation point utilizing lone 1 vessel oregon pot.

Interestingly, Stewart has a publication titled One Pot: 120+ Easy Meals from Your Skillet, Slow Cooker, Stockpot, and More: A Cookbook, which is simply a compilation of meals that tin beryllium made utilizing lone 1 stockpot oregon cooker.

3 Natasha Richardson

The precocious   Natasha Richardson wearing a reddish  gown lasting  successful  beforehand   of a microphone successful  beforehand   of audiences connected  Top Chef

The precocious histrion made an quality connected 1 of Top Chef’s vacation episodes successful 2008, conscionable a twelvemonth earlier her tragic passing successful a skiing accident. Though she is credited arsenic a impermanent justice connected the episode, Richardson hosted a foundation lawsuit during her stint to rise wealth for amfAR, the Foundation for AIDS Research.

Not galore radical cognize this, but her father, the acclaimed thespian Tony Richardson, died of AIDS successful 1991, pursuing which Richardson took up the origin of warring the disease.

2 Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling successful  a achromatic  printed jumper sampling nutrient  from a chef's array  connected  Top Chef

Mindy Kaling is simply a full foodie and besides spends a batch of clip successful the room present and then, with celebrated radical nary less, truthful her quality connected Top Chef Masters was nary surprise.

The contestants were tasked with creating dishes inspired by her favourite romanticist comedies, and the chefs truly did get creative. As a impermanent judge, Kaling was fun, engaging and inspiring and cracked many, galore jokes to lighten the mood. She picked the Scrambled Eggs & Caviar with Pommes Frites look arsenic the winning number.

1 Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese successful  an off-shoulder bluish  formal  lasting  adjacent  to Curtis Stone

Queen of Burlesque, Dita Von Teese, is simply a truly conscious eater and fans who are alert of her steadfast fare habits possibly hoped she would justice a health-forward quickfire round. But instead, Dita who appeared successful the 4th play of Top Chef Masters, had to sensation alternatively cheekily-themed items, arsenic cheftestants were asked to make dishes utilizing acquainted aphrodisiacs arsenic ingredients.

Art Smith’s cocoa dessert stole the show, arsenic helium worked connected a crockery called “Floating Islands,” made with breast-shaped meringue blobs sitting atop a furniture of cocoa syrup.

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