Frankenstein's Army Director Claims Resident Evil Village Monsters Are Base Off His Designs

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Resident Evil Village has a ton of caller monsters for Mr. Ethan Winters to face, but not each of them are wholly archetypal designs. At slightest according to Frankenstein's Army director Richard Raaphorst. 

Raaphorst took to LinkedIn and Twitter to gully similarities betwixt his designs and those of immoderate of the creatures successful Resident Evil Village. The similarities are truthful striking, that adjacent his fans began taking to societal media successful bid to constituent retired the seemingly carbon-copied takes connected those that spell bump successful the night. For nonstop side-by-side shots, Twitter idiosyncratic @CloneKorp broke it down successful the simplest way, showing side-by-side shots of Village monsters adjacent to their Frankenstein's Army counterparts:

— ©𝕃𝓞N̵͕͖̭̞͌̚🅴 (@CloneKorp) May 9, 2021

— ©𝕃𝓞N̵͕͖̭̞͌̚🅴 (@CloneKorp) May 9, 2021

It's hard not to spot the similarities and Raaphorst himself adjacent retweeted the supra thread with a reply, saying, "Oh dude, this is worse than I thought. First I felt angry, past proud, but present I spot this, I consciousness sad." 

When PC Gamer's Mollie Taylor spoke with the director, helium told her that helium wasn't definite if Capcom took the designs purposefully, but that the similarities crossed the assorted creatures was "too overmuch of a coincidence" to ignore. He besides added that helium would person been "super flattered" if Capcom had reached retired to him to inquire astir plan inspiration, but that the deficiency of recognition (if it was intentional) turned the full acquisition sour. 

Some successful the replies notation that this isn't impervious of theft, that each fearfulness entries gully inspiration from a akin place. While that is true, tin that beryllium said erstwhile determination are truthful galore evident ties to the movie material? Is this a elephantine coincidence oregon did Capcom get a small spot excessively tribute blessed without consent? You decide. 

So, beloved reader, what bash you think? Do you deliberation immoderate of the carnal artists were a small excessively inspired by Frankenstein's Army oregon is it each conscionable a misunderstanding? Sound disconnected with your thoughts successful the remark conception below! Be definite to besides cheque retired our Resident Evil Village reappraisal here if you're funny successful learning much astir the latest Capcom adventure. 

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