Explainer: What’s behind the clashes in Jerusalem?

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For weeks now, Palestinian protesters and Israeli constabulary person clashed connected a regular ground successful and astir Jerusalem’s Old City. AP Photo

JERUSALEM: For weeks now, Palestinian protesters and Israeli constabulary person clashed connected a regular ground successful and astir Jerusalem‘s Old City, location to large spiritual sites ineffable to Jews, Christians and Muslims and the affectional epicenter of the Middle East conflict.
Jerusalem has been the country of convulsive confrontations betwixt Jews and Arabs for 100 years and remains 1 of the astir bitterly contested cities connected earth. The latest clashes began a period agone with an Israeli determination to artifact immoderate Palestinian gatherings astatine the opening of the Muslim beatified period of Ramadan, already a clip of heightened spiritual sensitivities. After those restrictions eased, tensions implicit a program to evict dozens of Palestinians from an eastbound Jerusalem vicinity continued to substance confrontations.
On Monday, stun grenades echoed crossed a beatified hilltop compound, and hundreds of Palestinians were wounded successful clashes betwixt stone-throwing protesters and constabulary firing teardrop state and rubber bullets. Police were besides injured.
Here’s a look astatine wherefore Jerusalem ever seems to beryllium connected borderline – and what acceptable disconnected the latest circular of violence.
Capital of 2 peoples
Israel views Jerusalem arsenic its “unified, eternal” capital. It had captured eastbound Jerusalem, which includes the Old City, successful the 1967 Mideast war, on with the West Bank and Gaza. Palestinians privation those territories for their aboriginal state, with eastbound Jerusalem serving arsenic their eventual capital. But Israel annexed the eastbound portion of the metropolis successful a determination not recognized internationally.
The destiny of eastbound Jerusalem has been 1 of the thorniest issues successful the bid process, which crushed to a halt much than a decennary ago.
Israelis connected Monday were acceptable to people Jerusalem Day, a nationalist vacation celebrating the annexation. In past years, thousands of Israelis – chiefly spiritual nationalists – person marched done the Old City, including the densely populated Muslim Quarter, successful a show considered provocative by galore Palestinians.
In caller days, hard-line Israelis person staged different events successful eastbound Jerusalem, starring to scattered, convulsive altercations with Palestinians.
The beatified hilltop
Monday’s clashes took spot successful and astir the Al-Aqsa Mosque successful the Old City. The mosque is the third-holiest tract successful Islam and sits connected a sprawling plateau that is besides location to the iconic aureate Dome of the Rock. Muslims notation to the compound arsenic the Noble Sanctuary.
The walled plateau is besides the holiest tract for Jews, who notation to it arsenic the Temple Mount, due to the fact that it was the determination of biblical temples. Romans destroyed the Second Temple successful 70 A.D., with lone the Western Wall remaining. The mosques were built centuries later.
Neighboring Jordan serves arsenic the custodian of the site, which is operated by an Islamic endowment known arsenic the Waqf. The tract is unfastened to tourists during definite times but lone Muslims are allowed to commune there. The Western Wall is the holiest tract wherever Jews tin pray.
In caller years, groups of spiritual and nationalist Jews escorted by constabulary person been visiting the compound successful greater numbers and holding prayers successful defiance of rules established aft 1967 by Israel, Jordan and Muslim spiritual authorities. The Palestinians presumption the predominant visits and attempted prayers by Jews arsenic a provocation, and it often ignites scuffles oregon much superior violence.
Some Israelis accidental the tract should beryllium unfastened to each worshippers. The Palestinians refuse, fearing that Israel volition yet instrumentality implicit the tract oregon partition it. Israeli officials accidental they person nary volition of changing the presumption quo.
Discriminatory policies

Jews calved successful eastbound Jerusalem are Israeli citizens, portion Palestinians from eastbound Jerusalem are granted a signifier of imperishable residency that tin beryllium revoked if they unrecorded extracurricular the metropolis for an extended period. They tin use for citizenship, but it’s a agelong and uncertain process and astir take not to due to the fact that they don’t admit Israeli control.
Israel has built Jewish settlements successful eastbound Jerusalem that are location to immoderate 220,000 people. It has severely constricted the maturation of Palestinian neighborhoods, starring to overcrowding and the unauthorized operation of thousands of homes that are astatine hazard of demolition.
The Israeli rights radical B’Tselem and the New York-based

Human Rights Watch

cited the discriminatory policies successful eastbound Jerusalem successful caller reports arguing that Israel is blameworthy of the transgression of apartheid. Israel rejects those allegations, saying Jerusalem residents are treated equally.
Threatened evictions
The caller nightly clashes began astatine the commencement of Ramadan, erstwhile Israeli constabulary placed barriers extracurricular the Old City’s Damascus Gate, a fashionable gathering spot aft the evening prayers during the beatified period erstwhile Muslims accelerated from dawn to dusk. They aboriginal removed the barriers, but past protests escalated implicit the threatened eviction of dozens of Palestinian families from the eastbound Jerusalem vicinity of Sheikh Jarrah.
The families person been embroiled successful a agelong ineligible conflict with ideological Jewish settlers who question to get spot successful crowded Palestinian neighborhoods conscionable extracurricular the Old City. Israel portrays it arsenic a backstage real-estate dispute, but the families’ plight has attracted planetary attention.
Wider unrest
Clashes successful Jerusalem, and peculiarly successful Al-Aqsa, often reverberate crossed the region.
The Palestinian militant radical


, which rules Gaza, has called for a caller intifada, oregon uprising, similar the 1 triggered by an Israeli politician’s sojourn to Al-Aqsa successful 2000. Gaza militants person fired rockets and balloons with incendiary devices attached to them successful enactment of the protesters arsenic an informal cease-fire with Israel has started to fray.
Protests person been held successful the occupied West Bank and successful Arab communities wrong Israel. A bid of deadly shootings successful the West Bank past week has besides heightened tensions.
Jordan and different Arab nations that person affable ties with Israel person condemned its crackdown connected the protests, portion Israel’s archenemy Iran has encouraged Palestinian attacks. The U.S. and the EU person condemned the unit and expressed interest astir the evictions.


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