Proud to be called a runner

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While at school I was a little overweight and teased a fair bit which made it a little bit harder throughout my childhood.

As I got older, I wanted to achieve more for myself without the reliance on team sports.

So, I took up running as an enthusiast in 1998 and quickly progressed up to marathon distance.

I never had much interest in running, and had previously enjoyed playing  football and nothing much else.

Gradually, I developed an interest in running and have completed over 250+ races which include 38 marathons and 53 half marathons.

I’m an ok runner, nothing special but just love to get out and enjoy the freedom it brings.

Hopefully, some of my content on Instagram (@gb_runner2021) inspires others and I love to connect with as many like-minded people as I can.

The way I see it is if you run a mile or 100, you are a runner and should be proud to be called one.

I have a 2-year-old baby boy called Bertie who I love doing stroller miles with now. I am hoping he grows up like daddy with the enthusiasm and passion I have for running and the outdoors.

It makes scheduling running harder but if you want to find ways to do things there is always a way…

For me, there are still loads of running-related things I want to achieve, and hope my continued journey good or bad, inspires others to take up physical exercise. 

Good luck! 

(Gary Blackman)

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