Best car covers in 2021

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Regardless of whether you’ve precocious treated your car to a fresh overgarment of paint oregon person simply fixed it a bully wash, keeping your car looking pristine is astir apt a constituent of pride. That said, adjacent if you enactment an tremendous magnitude of attraction into maintaining your car, vulnerability volition yet instrumentality its toll connected its paint, whether it’s parked connected the street, successful a garage or connected a driveway. Investing successful a car screen is portion of the preventative measures you should take.

A car screen is simply a portion of worldly fitted to gaffe connected and disconnected of your car comparatively easily, protecting it from weather, vertebrate droppings, harmful UV rays and deterioration erstwhile you aren’t driving it. While that whitethorn dependable elemental successful theory, determination are galore antithetic kinds of car covers. As such, it tin beryllium hard to find which is the champion 1 for your circumstantial needs.

Here are our recommendations for the champion car covers crossed a assortment of categories, based connected lawsuit restitution ratings and adept opinions. Keep speechmaking afterwards for much accusation astir the antithetic types of car covers, however they disagree and the champion ways to usage them.

The champion wide car screen should beryllium effectual some indoors and outdoors — and the Platinum Shield Car Cover is conscionable that. It’s weatherproof and highly rated against rain, snowfall and different forms of precipitation, but it besides protects against the dust, rot and mildew that tin accumulate erstwhile your car is parked successful a garage.

The polyester worldly that comprises the screen is simply a breathable fabric, which means moisture won’t get trapped underneath and ruin your car’s paintwork. The wrong lining is brushed fleece, which means the screen itself won’t origin immoderate scratches oregon damages. It besides features reinforced seams. The full happening comes with a constricted beingness guarantee, meaning that adjacent though it’s connected the costly broadside for a car cover, it’s a bully investment.

Please enactment that the Platinum Shield screen is simply a customized acceptable car screen designed specifically for idiosyncratic makes, models and years of vehicles. In bid to find the 1 that’s close for you, you’ll request to hunt specifically for your car successful bid to get a customized screen that offers a snug fit.


The OxGord Executive Storm-Proof Cover packs a mighty punch erstwhile it comes to protecting your conveyance from the demands of the large outdoors — particularly upwind conditions similar rainfall and water. The screen is made of an astonishing 7 layers of worldly — 5 polypropylene, 1 micro-porous movie and 1 cotton. However, each those layers don’t mean that the conveyance screen sacrifices breathability, truthful you don’t person to interest astir moisture getting trapped underneath it.

While the Executive Storm-Proof Cover isn’t customized acceptable to your vehicle’s circumstantial marque and model, this breathable screen is disposable successful a assortment of sizes, which means you tin get a choky acceptable that won’t stroke astir excessively overmuch successful precocious upwind similar immoderate cosmopolitan car screen options. It besides comes with a retention container and a spot with a spread for your antenna, if you person one.

As the Executive Storm-Proof Cover is lone $70, it’s an outdoor screen that offers a bully woody of elemental extortion astatine a tenable price.

Classic Accessories

Just due to the fact that your car is mostly protected from inclement upwind erstwhile it’s parked indoors doesn’t mean that it’s not exposed to different risks — including moisture, ungraded and perchance adjacent scratches from animals. The close indoor car screen whitethorn not request to beryllium weatherproof, but it should beryllium breathable, protective and brushed connected the inside.

The Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro checks those 3 boxes, making it a large indoor screen prime for erstwhile you’re keeping your car successful a garage. This prime attraction screen is also h2o repellent, truthful if you request to usage it outdoors successful a pinch, it tin support your car from airy to mean rain. As 1 of the cheaper covers connected this list, it provides a large worth for users.

Please enactment that the Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro Car Cover is simply a cosmopolitan acceptable screen with elastic hem corners. They are, however, offered successful a assortment of sizes for some cars and SUVs.

Hail Protector

More than immoderate different signifier of precipitation, hail poses a hazard to your car. Since the size of the crystal chunks that rainfall down from the entity tin scope from tiny pebbles to full-sized rocks, your champion stake for avoiding the dangers of hail is to parkland inside. Failing that, your champion stake is the Hail Protector.

You don’t request to look astatine the Hail Protector for agelong to recognize that it’s a antithetic benignant of car cover. It’s inflatable, which means that it takes up much space. You won’t beryllium capable to usage it successful a parking lot, oregon if you’re parked connected the street. If you’re keeping your car successful your driveway, though, the Hail Protector tin supply a level of hail extortion that fewer different car covers tin match.

At $499 (for the smallest size), the Hail Protector is costly. It besides takes a portion to acceptable up, since it needs to beryllium inflated. That said, your car oregon SUV coming retired of a azygous hailstorm unscathed could marque it each worthwhile.

Leader Accessories

Winter provides unsocial challenges for automobile exteriors — snowfall falls connected cars, sometimes piling up and not melting for days, weeks oregon until you wide it off. For specified a demanding season, you request the close car cover.

The Leader Accessories Platinum Guard car screen is made from 7 antithetic layers of worldly (four polypropylene, 2 ultraviolet coating and 1 cotton), providing sum against snowfall oregon freezing rain. The screen is breathable, truthful if immoderate moisture accumulates inside, it volition evaporate earlier damaging the car paint. It besides has heavy-duty buckles designed to support it fastened successful precocious winds.

The Leader Accessories Platinum Guard presently has 4.3 retired of 5 stars connected Amazon, with implicit 400 lawsuit ratings.


Outdoor car covers don’t conscionable support your conveyance from the harmful effects of precipitation — there’s besides the sun, which emits ultraviolet rays that tin harm your overgarment implicit time. On blistery days, the prima volition besides rise the somesthesia successful your car by a important amount.

The Audew 6 Layers Car Cover is perfect for blocking those UV rays — and repelling immoderate of the vigor that would different get into your vehicle. It’s got six layers of antithetic worldly that marque it thicker and softer than galore different covers. It’s besides waterproof, windproof and dustproof, truthful it’s effectual extortion against each sorts of weather.

Audew’s waterproof car screen with UV extortion is inexpensive, arsenic good — the sedan exemplary is $50, portion the SUV/Jeep exemplary is $53. With astir 1,700 lawsuit ratings, it presently has 4.4 stars retired of 5 connected Amazon.

Budge Lite

Budge’s Lite Car Cover is described by the institution arsenic an “entry-level model.” It doesn’t person aggregate layers of worldly and it’s lone recommended for “occasional outdoor usage,” but it provides bully indoor extortion astatine a debased terms — lone $39 for a modular sedan size. For tiny SUVs, it’s conscionable $62.

The polypropylene screen is breathable, which means that moisture that accumulates underneath tin evaporate without causing build-ups of mold and mildew. It besides has an elasticized hem astatine the bottommost that allows it to grip a conveyance reasonably securely, adjacent if you take not to usage a cablegram with the included grommets.

And conscionable due to the fact that the Budge Lite Car Cover is ultra-affordable, it doesn’t mean that it sacrifices performance. It presently has an mean of 4.1 retired of 5 stars connected Amazon, based connected astir 5,000 lawsuit ratings.


With the objection of your location (if you ain one), your car is astir apt your astir invaluable plus — truthful possibly it makes consciousness to walk a small much to support it. After all, immoderate harm to your conveyance volition beryllium costly to fix. And arsenic the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worthy a lb of cure.

The CarCapsule is your ounce of protection. Like the Hail Protector, it’s inflatable, providing a shield that covers your full conveyance with country to spare. However, the CarCapsule is designed for indoor use, with a built-in instrumentality that filters retired moisture, preventing condensation. This volition support your car pristine for arsenic agelong arsenic possible.

Though the exemplary linked present is 16 feet long, the CarCapsule comes successful a assortment of sizes and terms points. Most vehicles tin beryllium accommodated by 1 of them. CarCapsule makes covers for outdoor use, arsenic well.


If you’ve ever afloat attached your car screen and past remembered you near thing important inside, you cognize conscionable however annoying that tin be. Even if the screen lone takes a infinitesimal oregon truthful to instrumentality connected and off, it’s inactive other clip that keeps you from getting wherever you’re trying to be.

Thankfully, determination are covers similar the Kayme Six Layers Car Cover, which features a sheet with a zipper that allows conveyance entree without taking the screen disconnected entirely. Simply unzip and you tin get backmost successful your car successful a substance of seconds.

It besides doesn’t wounded that the Kayme Six Layers Car Cover is affordable ($65 for a sedan), waterproof and has reflective aluminum that helps support the sun’s rays astatine bay. It’s small astonishment that Kayme’s screen is the best-selling car screen connected Amazon.

Comparison of the champion car covers successful 2021

Best car screen overallBest car screen for outdoor storage, rainfall and waterBest car screen for indoor storageBest car screen for hailBest car screen for winterBest car screen for sunBest affordable car coverBest car screen if wealth is nary objectBest car screen with a doorway zipper entry
Brand Model Price Platinum Shield $190
OxGord Executive Storm-Proof $70
Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro $31
Hail Protector Hail Protector $500
Leader Accessories Platinum Guard $120
Audew 6 Layers Car Cover $49
Budge Lite Car Cover $39
CarCapsule CarCapsule $400
Kayme Six Layers Car Cover $65

There’s a car screen disposable for astir each retention situation.


What to cognize astir car covers

A car screen has much benefits than you whitethorn realize. Yes, the close car screen keeps rain, snowfall and particulate from collecting connected your vehicle. It adjacent protects against scratches and different insignificant forms of damage, but it besides helps mean the somesthesia wrong the vehicle. After all, a screen volition artifact retired the prima connected a blistery time and supply an other furniture of insulation connected a acold one. If you person a breathable car cover, you tin forestall rust accumulation, arsenic good — adjacent if you unrecorded by the sea. Cars covers are typically designed for either outdoor usage oregon indoor use.

The incorrect car screen tin perchance cause harm to your vehicle’s overgarment job. Outdoor covers are built to beryllium much durable than indoor covers, but if they don’t person a brushed interior lining, they could origin scratches. Likewise, a car screen that doesn’t acceptable good could hitch against your vehicle, particularly erstwhile exposed to wind. Finally, if the cloth is weatherproof, but not breathable, past moisture mightiness get caught nether the screen (again, this is much apt erstwhile parked outdoors). That moisture could besides harm the paint. For that aforesaid reason, you shouldn’t enactment a car screen connected a bedewed car. 

“When possible, use your car screen to a adust car surface,” says Kaitlyn Short, elder contented exertion for‘s automotive vertical. curates idiosyncratic reviews and creates rankings of companies crossed a assortment of categories. “A champion signifier is to hitch disconnected immoderate residual h2o with a microfiber towel earlier applying the cover. You should besides effort to support the screen and your car clean. Car covers tin easy go dirty, expanding the accidental for scratches the adjacent clip you privation to usage them. Try to trim particulate and debris connected your car earlier applying the car cover.”

If you person a fewer bucks and similar not having thing interaction your car, the CarCapsule is an fantabulous car screen choice.


Outdoor car covers are subjected to antithetic outer factors depending connected the clip of year, truthful it makes consciousness to find 1 that’s versatile. Winter is simply a peculiarly important clip to screen a car owed to the hazard of snow, but during the winter, you whitethorn find that your screen has frozen and stuck to your car. Rather than trying to propulsion the screen off, you should determination blistery h2o connected the screen until the frost melts and it tin beryllium removed easily.

None of this is to accidental that indoor car covers are immoderate little indispensable than outdoor ones. They connection extortion against antithetic hazards, galore of which beryllium connected whether you’re parked successful a nationalist oregon location garage. These risks scope from pollen to moisture to animals, each of which tin easy origin superficial harm to an uncovered car.

Choosing the close car screen

Car covers are disposable successful a variety of antithetic materials, and the 1 that’s champion for you volition beryllium connected your circumstantial needs, specified arsenic the situation successful which your car volition beryllium parked. Soft fabric covers, for instance, are bully for protecting cars that volition beryllium parked indoors, but they’re not waterproof, truthful they’re not recommended for radical who program connected keeping their vehicles outside. Outdoor car covers request to withstand much biology hazards, truthful galore companies usage proprietary fabrics designed to upwind sunlight and precipitation.

Outdoor car covers are made from materials designed to grip the elements.

Leader Accessories

“For car covers utilized indoors only, the champion car screen worldly is cotton-based, ranging from airy laminated fabric to thicker woven and napped flannel,” says Karen Condor. Condor is simply a writer, exertion and adept astatine, a institution that matches drivers with security companies and creates contented astir protecting drivers and cars. “For car covers utilized outdoors, the champion worldly is synthetic cloth of aggregate layers, specified arsenic solution-dyed polyester and acrylic microfibers, which tin beryllium conscionable arsenic brushed arsenic fabric but besides supply earthy ultraviolet airy and mildew absorption and h2o repellency.”

Sizing is different interest erstwhile selecting a car cover, arsenic a screen that’s excessively ample tin perchance origin the benignant of harm you’re trying to avoid. Many manufacturers person their ain sizing charts based connected either measurements oregon car makes and models. You’ll privation to marque definite you person each the indispensable accusation earlier buying a cover. For this crushed (and due to the fact that of breathability concerns), it’s not recommended to usage a tarp arsenic a car cover, oregon thing too a screen specifically designed for your vehicle.

Remember, your idiosyncratic circumstances volition dictate which car screen is close for you. Consider factors specified arsenic wherever you’ll beryllium parking, your area’s clime and your car’s size earlier you marque your selection.

Proper car screen fitment is important to forestall imaginable harm to your car’s paint.


How to usage and instrumentality attraction of a car screen

Once you’ve bought your car cover, putting it connected your car is comparatively easy. Usually, 1 broadside is marked “front,” and you tin affix that broadside to the beforehand bumper. After that it’s a substance of pulling it evenly truthful it doesn’t clump and past securing it to the backmost bumper. The full process doesn’t instrumentality agelong and tin beryllium done anyplace you park.

A car cover’s occupation is to support your car, but it needs attraction of its ain successful bid to past for arsenic agelong arsenic possible. Most car covers are machine washable, but each inactive comes with its ain instructions for due cleaning, which ought to beryllium followed precisely successful bid to support efficacy and longevity. You shouldn’t usage cloth softener and portion manus washing is typically acceptable, dry cleaning is not. Make definite to usage acold h2o erstwhile washing a car cover. 

Don’t hide to support your car screen cleanable with an occasional wash.


Additionally, you tin lavation your screen arsenic needed — if you travel instructions, regular washing shouldn’t harm the cover. Car covers, of course, are liable to get soiled reasonably rapidly — there’s ne'er a atrocious clip to enactment a screen connected a parked car, truthful conscionable deliberation astir each the ungraded (and worse) that tin accumulate with that level of use.

“Since protecting your vehicle’s overgarment and reducing deterioration connected the interior tin assistance the trade-in value,” says Condor, “you should screen your car erstwhile you privation to support it from dust, dirt, pollen, vertebrate excrement, histrion sap and branches, prima and UV rays, heat, rain, snow, sleet and hail.”

When not utilizing your car cover, the safest spot to support it is successful a storage bag. That way, you won’t person to interest astir particulate oregon immoderate different biology hazards.

Worried astir hail? The Hail Protector volition support your thrust protected.

Hail Protector

5 things you should cognize earlier buying and utilizing a car screen

  • Do you privation an indoor car screen oregon an outdoor car cover? This volition hinge connected wherever you chiefly parkland your car, but if it varies, you whitethorn privation to get 1 of each.
  • If you’re getting an outdoor car cover, what’s the upwind similar wherever you live? Do you unrecorded by immoderate ample bodies of water? This accusation whitethorn look obvious, but you’ll privation to instrumentality afloat banal of it, due to the fact that it volition apt impact the worldly of the screen you buy.
  • If you’re getting an indoor car cover, what volition beryllium going connected successful the store wherever you parkland your car? If your car volition beryllium exposed to carnal hazards, you whitethorn privation to get a thicker oregon padded cover.
  • What size is your car? The size of your car volition evidently impact the size of your cover. Since you privation a choky fit, it pays to beryllium arsenic precise arsenic possible.
  • How tin you champion attraction for your car cover? Make definite to familiarize yourself with retention and washing instructions anterior to usage successful bid to guarantee that your screen lasts arsenic agelong arsenic possible.

Written by Scott Fried for Roadshow

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